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Appraisal of domains with superior accuracy

How we do it

A domain appraisal is often the first step towards a domain acquisition or a domain disposal, as well as a certified benchmark for auditors and governmental agencies. MissDomain has appreciated the value of domains since 2003, and is currently the largest domain valuation agent on the Swedish market.

Superior accuracy
The superior accuracy of a MissDomain domain valuation is based on its valuation experts. Every domain is independently valued by three experienced domain valuation experts, based on different factors such as Domain Attributes, Market Demand, Comparable Transactions, and more. A combined value of the domain is then jointly appreciated and certified. As opposed to many other domain valuation services whereby a domain?s value is randomly appreciated by one person only, MissDomain's approach guarantees the client quality, accuracy, broad industry experience and local knowledge.

A domain appraisal from MissDomain includes:
  • Opinion from three independent experts
  • Analytical figures on which the appraisal is based on
  • Certificate of Appreciation to use for your company's accounting
  • Listing of similar sales

Our valuation experts

.COM $

Many years of experianceOur team consist of many skilled workers with years of experience in the domain and hosting industry. Our normal day consists of helping clients sell and brooke their domain names, portfolios and web sites. We started in the domain industry as early as 1997 and knows the value of a good domain name when we see it. We got experts in all the differnt TLDs (Top Level Domains) out on the market.
  • gTLDs - Generic
  • cCTLDs - Country Code
  • New gTLDs - New Generic
Price from €379 EUR incl. VAT. We also offer to appraise domain portfolios if the domains are in the same niche. Contact us for more information.

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