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Increase the value of your domains and the chances of a sale!

The biggest marketing channel when selling is the domain itself. Using MissPark, you can show visitors that the domain is for sale while at the same time creating greater value in the form of content, traffic and improved placement in the search engines. And you will be earning money in the meantime!

Here are some of the advantages to you:

* Increased chance to sell.
* Constant revenue flow while building a lasting value.
* Create a page for your domain without any knowledge in design or programming.
* Use whichever advertising network you wish, or don't bother with ads at all.
* Earn 100% of the advertising income without sharing it with a parking program.
* The page is automatically optimized for the search engines.
* See an above-average increase in value on your domain.
* Get paid more when selling the domain.
* Quickly and simply add informative text and images that suit your precise domain.
* See how your domain is indexed and climbs up the search engines.
* Attract more traffic to your site.
* Returning, qualitative visitors.
* New monthly web templates optimized for the search engines.
* Choose from thousands of images, or upload your own.
* Clear, easy-to-read statistics: geography, source, searched keyword and much more.
* Use Google Analytics or another external statistics tool.
* Unlimited number of domains for the same price.
* Connection to MissDomain for domains for sale.
* No binding agreement or subscription – finish whenever you wish.
* No additional costs for web development.
* No additional costs for webhosting.

Are your domains parked today?

Normal parking programs can yield money in the short term but they also take a large slice of the cake, sometimes up to 70% of what the advertiser pays for the advertisement space. The remaining 30% is paid to you, the owner of the domain. Google and other search engines may give less priority to parked domains in their ranking, which means that parked pages rarely experience returning visitors.

The inside counts – with domains, too

A page of textual information instead of, or as well as, advertisements is found by the search engines and may start to be indexed within a month or so. A high placement with the search engines provides returning and qualitative visitors and higher incomes.

The more relevant content you add, the better the placement your domain will gain in the search engines. In a future sale, the purchaser may be prepared to pay for this placement you have gained and the qualitative traffic the site attracts.

Do you own the domain called example-keyword.com? If you do, the chances are high that people interested in example-keyword will try to type in your domain directly into the address field (so-called type-ins/direct navigation). If the person finds valuable information within his/her field of interest, the visits may become recurrent and also generate inbound links.

MissPark makes developing your domain simple, even without any knowledge in design or programming. Use one of the ready-made design templates, add your text and images and you are ready to go. If you add advertisements you will keep 100% of the income via your own Google Adsense account.

MissPark makes it easy to develop and manage a large number of domains at the same time. You can create a basic template, such as an optimized sales page, and apply this to all your domains with a single click. In addition, MissPark optimizes your pages for the search engines (titles, page name, headers, etc.) completely automatically.

MissPark provides you with a solid, flexible foundation on which to build, while at the same time you gain a uniform summary and control over your domains. Remember that you are not only developing for higher ongoing income, you are also investing in the value of the domain itself.

Test free of charge for 14 days.

Afterwards, you pay just 7€ ($10) per month for an unlimited number of domains. (NB: The account is a personal one).

System requirements:
Although MissPark works with most browsers we recommend using Internet Explorer 7 to take advantage of all features.

Try the demo directly (English only in Demo-mode):


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