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Escrow - Secure transaction

1 EUR = 1.34 USD
1 EUR = 9.18 SEK


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A safe transaction!

Safe domain transaction for a fixed price of only €100!

Why Escrow?

You should always use an escrow service when buying or selling your domains. If not, you may risk loosing either your money or your domain. MissDomainÂ’s escrow service secures both ends of the transaction, and frees both buyer and seller of risk.

How does it work?

The buyer pays the agreed purchase price to the escrow account of MissDomain. When the transfer of the domain from seller to buyer has been confirmed by both parties, MissDomain releases the purchase price to the seller. More information

How do I get started?

If you have sold or purchased a domain via MissDomain, you will be given the option to acquire the escrow service upon completion of the auction. If you have sold or purchased a domain outside MissDomain, but still would like to use our escrow service to guarantee a safe transaction, please click here. Once an escrow transaction is started, an email will be sent to both parties with instructions, step by step, on how to proceed.

MissDomain was founded in 2003. Since then, we have helped many of our clients safely completing their domain acquisitions and domain disposals.

"I prefer to use MissDomainÂ’s Escrow service when buying domains, as the Escrow guarantees a safe transaction for both the buyer and myself. In addition, the competitive fee makes it a very price worthy insurance against fraud."
Dan Nilsson - Retevo AB

"MissDomain has assisted us in brokering several domains in our portfolio and also helping us managing all our domains in one secure location. The service is excellent."
Olle Holmertz - Avalon Innovation AB

"Many thanks for a smooth and quick Escrow."
Nicklas Westerholm - Enixa AB

"We are very satisfied with the assistance and service we have received from MissDomain during the transaction, from start to finish."
Marcus Behrens - Gents AB

"MissDomain is our preferred partner for Scandinavian domain transactions. They provide clear instructions, have a broad knowledge about various TLDs and handle transactions quick and professional."
Markus Jalmerot - SEO Specialist
As an optional service, the Buyer or Seller may choose for MissDomain to assist with the administrative and monetary transaction.

1. If any party has chosen for MissDomain to assist with the Monetary transaction the following applies:

The monetary transaction is conducted such that the Buyer pays the purchase sum into the MissDomain client funds account 231-1504, Handelsbanken. (For international transactions, state the BIC HANDSESS and IBAN SE6660000000000617470022). It is very important to indicate the Payment Request ID# when making a payment.

MissDomain confirms to the Buyer and informs the Seller when MissDomain has received the sum.

Only when MissDomain has received the go-ahead from the Buyer that the domain has been transferred into the name of the Buyer is the purchase sum paid to the Seller.

2. The way of handling the change of owner differs depending on what type of top level domain is involved (.se, .com, .org etc.). If one party has requested that MissDomain assist in the administrative transfer of the Object the following applies:

When transferring a .se domain, the process is such that MissDomain conveys to the seller the required forms for signature. These are faxed/scanned/sent back to MissDomain, who then forward them to a registrar for IIS (the registry for the Swedish top level domain, .se). MissDomain notifies the Buyer that the forms have been signed and sent to the registrar.

When transferring a .com domain, the process is such that the Seller provides MissDomain with a so-called EPP code (authorisation code). The Seller obtains this EPP code from the registrar where the domain is registered, for example Loopia, Binero, Crystone, NameISP, GoDaddy etc. MissDomain conveys the EPP code to the Buyer, who initiates the transfer process through his/her own registrar. MissDomain provides unlimited support for both sides during the process.

When transferring domain names subject to other top level domains, MissDomain contacts the Seller and Buyer for further administrative instructions.

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